Sounding the Heart Beat of the New World
Each of New World Drums has its own special beauty born of the combination of beautiful woods, careful construction and attention to detail. Our drums are objects of art as well as functioning musical instruments. The rich grains of each wood are lovingly brought forth with our own special finish, and then waxed to a shiny luster.
Our drums have 'Instant Slide Tuning' TM which gives a tremendous range of tone with only a few seconds adjustment. They have the finest sound quality available, plus they are uniquely adjustable to the sound range that most appeals to you. No difficult lacing patterns! And, there will never be an occasion where your drum can't be played because of humidity.
Our drums are very light weight for their size, yet sturdy enough to go anywhere. Most drums range from 2-10 lbs. Play our drums in a cave, by a river, in a circle around a fire. They can easily adjust to any situation.